Building a WeChat audience for Virgin Australia

Driving awareness of new routes by establishing Virgin Australia’s WeChat.


In order to increase awareness of its new Hong Kong routes among local Chinese audiences, Virgin Australia sponsored Hong Kong’s most recognised singer Jacky Cheung’s Australian tour. Bastion China was asked to leverage the sponsorship to increase the brand’s awareness and presence on its WeChat, which we had just set up for the airline in addition to its Weibo.


Taking inspiration from Jacky Cheung’s best-known song ‘With You All The Way’, Bastion China created an innovative WeChat campaign. The campaign paired some of the singer’s best-loved songs with the idea that travel creates unparalleled memories. Specifically, WeChat followers were asked to share their memories to the soundtrack of Jacky’s music, driving the message to create new memories with Virgin Australia.

Our WeChat competition to win flight and concert tickets aimed to build WeChat audience share for further marketing opportunities.

We engaged nine influential WeChat channels to promote the campaign, while also crafting a media plan comprising WeChat paid advertorials, WeChat Group promotions and WeChat Influencer Moments to maximise campaign results.


Through this integrated approach, the airline’s WeChat account grew from 155 to 4,336 followers (over 2600% increase). They also deepened their engagement with Chinese audiences in a way that was both typically Virgin Australia with distinctly Chinese characteristics.


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